CHEZPHOTO in Your Magazine Emerson November 2012

I had the honor of shooting a very talented group of student models in this month’s issue of Your Magazine Emerson, my college’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. It is always a pleasure working with this  magazine because of the creative freedom I am given; Im never disappointed in who I work with and am always grateful for the opportunities given to me. This magazine is seriously run by the best students around, and I am so happy they thought of me when conceptualizing this editorial—I was told I was thought of immediately during talk of this shoot due to the editor knowing the general gist of my work. “Im pretty sure youve even done this shoot before,” she joked.

And I mean, really… beautiful clothes, natural light, woods, earthy tones, edgy models? This is my element.I was so, so pumped to do this.

We shot this at the Arboretum off the Forest Hills stop in Jamaica Plain on a beautiful autumn day. Just as we were entering that tree where the group shot takes place, we saw flashing lights on a car… turned out to be animal control, and apparently a rabid coyote was running around and they needed to get rid of it (we had heard a gun shot earlier too!). So we were banned from the tree and sent down the hill where we found other great places to shoot, before returning to that beloved tree that provided amazing shot opportunities Im very excited to edit and publish on my facebook page.

Please take a look at my shoot in high quality by clicking the link bold at the top—it’s a five-page editorial that you can zoom in on super-close to take a look at the beautiful models and their clothes. Thank you!

Clothes featured are from Allsaints Spitalfields and Crush.