Anonymous sent: i found your blog because of your hair but stayed because you take amazing photos! i really love them :)

thank you :)

dancing-clefairy sent: hello i stumbled upon your blog and had a good look through as i love your photography and you are incredibly stunning. i'm here to ask if you got that old canon film developed and what was on it if you did? (:

Hello and thank you so much!!!! gosh I havent answered this question for maybe a month, but I just got the roll back today from CVS and it was rather anticlimactic. The film was so old and was probably in that camera for so long that there was just nothing salvageable from the roll :/ 

charlotteshudder sent: Tu parlez français? (っ´ω`c)♡

pas beaucoup, désolé

That’s right, ladies and gents—I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the official launch of my website, CHEZ-PHOTO.COM . On it you’ll find new and old works, and some never-before-seen projects. I’ve worked many, many long hours putting this together, and I do hope you’ll take the time to look through it.

I would not suggest viewing it on mobile, as the site is rather lacking in that department, and I also would not suggest loading it on a slower computer.

Other than that, please, be my guest. And thank you all for your support.


falloutstop sent: you're so lovely and talented your photos are beautiful just wow you're a wonderful human being

Awwww. Thank you! Have a splendid rest of your weekend falloutstop! Don’t be a stranger.

Anonymous sent: are you a self-taught photographer? o:

It kind of depends on what you mean by self-taught? I would answer that with “mostly”. I started with self-portraiture while inspired by other self-portraiture photographers like Rockie Nolan in 2009, and she offered advice on how to do formal self-portraits so from there I kind of hit the ground running. For some reason photography kind of came to me naturally, but I learned some technical skills along the way with shutter speed/aperture.

It was my minor in college but that was just traditional darkroom photography.

landofshipsandcanons sent: I think I'm in love with you. You're so lovely <333

"It is amazingly easy to fall in love with someone you don’t know. Apologies in advance for the myriad ways in which I am about to disappoint you. I hope the period of disillusionment is brief but educational."

Anonymous sent: Do you think it's possible to never fall in love?

Yes. That’s a loaded question with a loaded answer, but yes for short.