James Ostrer

Photographer James Ostrer documents our obsession with sugar in a series of grotesque real life portraits of people covered in layers of sweets and junk food. Speaking largely on the to the global food production and increasingly dangerous methods of mass production, Ostrer’s photographs conjure tribal images that are both fascinating and repulsive. Via the press release, “This adornment becomes a mask of what we eat which then becomes entwined with a hyper-pop sensibility and an obsequious inquiry into the great volumes of sugar that flow through our bodies.”

Dreams of happy days long gone are like a rude, flighty one night stand that disappears with the morning sun. You wake up alone, confused, with a chasm deeper inside you than it was before you fell asleep. It leaves you sitting in bed with a panging longing to go back to sleep, but it’s a beautiful day, and there’s stuff to be done. You can move all you want. Go for a run. Ride a bike. Go to work. But that day will feel different, you will feel heavier, stranger, bitter. You won’t be able to truly place the collage of emotions churning within you into a category. But it’s there and it’s infectious, starting at your brain and ending in your heart which seems to be even beating differently today. Dreams of things you’ve had that you’ll never get again. Dreams of what you wish could’ve been. Dreams of a future where your broken past is pieced together. These are all nice. And they are all dreams.

Some people dont dream of these things. They dream of fleeting thoughts gone by the moment their eyes see the light of day for what it truly is. In a way, I envy that. My dreams are filled with those I know and those I’ve known. I cannot escape them in my sleep, where I am forced to confront all that I’ve pushed back.

They say a dream tells you what you truly want. But I want too many things. Apologies. Burned bridges restored from the ashes like a Phoenix to carry me back to those I’ve lost. Explanations of questions that I still have in the deep recesses of my petty mind. Honesty. Fights. Love.

But I will never get them.

I miss my mother to tell me h o w.

I miss my desire to tell me w h y.

fearl0v3 sent: Do you have an etsy shop? I feel your stuff would be very much worth looking at. (Ps I'm also right near boston, is there anywhere cheap yet wonderful you can recommend for me to go)

Howdy. Do you mean for my photos? I dont sell my photos, I didn’t think people would be interested and the cost I’d charge would probably be high due to printing costs. I have an etsy for my clothes Im trying desperately to plug here because I really need money as of late. It’s esty.com/shop/chezphoto

What kind of cheap do you mean? Restaurants, shopping, ?? I can try to help.



Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen


I love this.


send me a ‘hi’ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.

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I get messages of you darlings saying you like my style. Well, I need to sell a bunch of it ASAP, so please go to my etsy and check out my items pictured here and of these brands! Please help, I’m moving soon and really need some money to make it happen. Also I need to just get rid of some clothes I dont wear anymore or have never worn. Happy shopping, xoxo.

mikewarrenofficial sent: i've just started exploring photography, and your photos are really inspiring. i've always assumed that i'd need fancy equipment to get the best pictures, but now i know that i just need to practice more with what i've got and really get the hang of it.

Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words. Of course, nicer cameras can help with expanding creativity through technical details of whatever camera you have, but really, if you can fool around with shutter speed and aperture, you have just as much control of your image as someone with a canon 5d mark III would. you just wont look as cool and will be $4000 richer. also I guess there is a huge gap difference in ISO as well, but if you’re just starting out you have all the tools you need with a pretty basic camera. once you understand it more as an instrument, an upgrade would be due ;)



And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it’s this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture. Family photos depict smiling faces… births, weddings, holidays, children’s birthday parties. People take pictures of the happy moments in their lives. Someone looking through our photo album would conclude that we had led a joyous, leisurely existence free of tragedy. No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.

Robin Williams as Sy Parrish in One Hour Photo