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I am inspired by nostalgia, the magic hour, and the surrealism of dreams.

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grad school for photography would be cool




you were yourself in your skin womb shaking.
knit in varicose veins, your whole body was naked.
collapsed on the slab we’re
awaiting the hour
when you undo.

-Born Gold, “Wombstone”

Michael at DD Studio
photographed by ChezPhoto

i’ve been really terrible at cataloguing some of the lovely art people have made using my stuff as a reference point. to go a short ways towards correcting that, here are two recent examples: above is a beautiful photo series which interfaces with “wombstone” from bodysongs + below is a body poem by the wonderful kate e. macneill set to “dawn tunnel” from little sleepwalker.

Oh—I’m so glad you like it! Thank you for creating such unique, interesting music that’s just unprecedented in style and lyrics. Hope you come to Boston or NYC sometime!

procrastinating working on my final photo project with selfies. u feel me?

procrastinating working on my final photo project with selfies. u feel me?

Anonymous sent: So uh stupid question, but if I reblog a set of your photography, it gives you credit right? It's all truly inspiring, but I definitely don't want to be discrediting you in anyway. Thank you!

haha, thank you very much for asking. as long as my comments aren’t removed from under my photos, which a lot of people do to me and other artists, it’s still giving me credit as far as I’m concerned. thanks again :)

Old film, old houses, old flames.

Nostalgia skews perception of beauty, I think - nostalgia makes everything beautiful. But how can you make someone else see it the way you do, when the moment was not theirs? You can’t. You can only show them, and see if they can feel some semblance of what you do.

I’ve had this film developed for years but never looked at it until today when I decided to scan them. These are unedited, as I have a strange and strong dislike of editing film. I have an attachment to film photos that I don’t have to my digital work; I only use film for the specific purpose of photographing something sentimental to me, and when viewing them there’s an emotion that’s not there when looking at my digital work.

There’s something about the unedited moment, the impurities that make it real, the light leaks, the incorrect focus or exposure. I like film to be raw, I like it to be real, exactly how it was when I was there. If I edited it, I would be lying to myself, and to others… whereas digital work these days is seen as incomplete if it’s not edited.

idkijustlovecats sent: You're perfect okay bye

im really absolutely not x10000000 but thanks hello

Anonymous sent: I just wanted to say that I love you and that you're perfect!

Thanks! I’m really not. But thanks!

Anonymous sent: Why was it rude for that anon to ask about editing I don't get it

Anonymous sent: im a photographer and i've never felt insulted by someone asking me what kind of gear i use. lighten up and help people learn, you were there once too

Anonymous sent: Hey! I love your photography, I was wondering what you use to edit your photos?

MS paint

This question is almost rude as asking a photographer what equipment they use.
two-vvolves sent: your stuff is still really great i'm impressed that you don't even go to art school!

awww. thanks. I got into all the art schools I wanted to get into, but due to costs, being a photography major in manhattan just wasnt an option for me. so i study marketing and am ALMOST DOOOONE. hopefully one day i’ll study photography, i hope to do it in Florence, Italy. c: